an artistic interpretation of the transformative time we are all going through due to covid 19

Music and Dance are before anything a sensation, an emotion. The atmosphere, the style and the visual territory of the film aim to translaste those emotions, rather than laying down a rational narrative.The film gravit around those moments where one could find himself isolated and confined,
where the only connections with the outer world and its close relations would happen through the medium of a screen. Where suddenly a room could become the theater of unsual scenes, where people would sing, slam, dance,... share who they are and what they could give to others. Some might have found a new way of life, unraveled a passion, or reignited love for the missed ones. 
Each room is like a single painting, depicting its own scenery, within a distinctive environment. Each space is independant, the only recurring element is a TV set diffusing continuously the same close up of someone singing or talking.



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